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Friday, April 3, 2009

Maruti Cervo Car Details and Pictures

Maruti Suzuki are planing to Launch Maruti Cervo Model in india. Maruti Cervo is a Replacement of Maruti Suzuki Alto/Wagon-R. Maruti Cervo is B-Segment car. Maruti Cervo is japanese model and Maruti Suzuki Cervo is the latest small car recently launched in Japan. The Maruti Cervo is a compact five door mini car, that looks to put the other kids on the block into the shade. This sleek cute car offers 54bhp 660cc engine that boasts to offer peppy performance with great fuel economy. The Ex-showroom Price of Maruti Cervo would be between 2 Lakh to 3 Lakh, by using a cheaper material to make it cost less, but, we doubt that Suzuki will use such cheap material so long as price is considered. The name Maruti Cervo has been a history for jap Suzuki cars mainly used in the Japanese version of alto. The 800 will be removed and the Alto will be pushed down to the 800 segment, then there will be place for the Maruti Suzuki Cervo. Maruti Cervo will come equipped with an engine capacity of a litre. Considering the trend flowing in the Indian market, 60-65 bhp is a realistic estimate of the power that will be sent to the front wheels.

In The Exterior of Maruti Cervo, Maruti Cervo looks like the Honda Fit. The lines and cuts of the Maruti Cervo car are neat and classy and the clean blacky covering at the end of the windows are cleverly made so as not to see too many holes.The headlights seem too agressive and getting ready to vrroomm and seems confident, well we can hope it really does. The Small mini SUV looks at the back, with an arching roofline, wedgy stance, slanted headlights and stubby bonnet makes out a new shape of itself and bound to be a great car if its priced is good and if its at 1Lakh, it will be crazy selling.The rear is equally attractive as the front end of the Maruti Cervo is. The large lamps add appeal and character to the rear of this Suzuki.

In The Interior of Maruti Cervo car look like Maruti Swift. The rectangular air vents in the center and the circle open closed ones on the sides dont look even and looks a bit uneven. the colors of the controls lights up the dash. The boot is very small, but for daily shopping and office stuffs its just good. Seats at the back can seat only two and the third one can cramp up the place. A lot of storage areas are available to keep stuff in the front and find little at the back. Power Windows are airbags are available in the international markets but we doubt that it will come to India at that cost atleast airbags as an option would be better to make the car safe. In the outside markets Maruti Cervo car is equipped with front semi-bucket seats, 4-speed auto gearbox a K6A DOHC engine with VVT, bluetooth capability.

Variants of Maruti Cervo :-
1. Maruti Cervo

The Ex-showRoom Price of Maruti Cervo is :-
(Delhi Ex-Showroom Price)

* Maruti Cervo - 2 lakh to 3 lakh
(Mumbai Ex-Showroom Price)
* Maruti Cervo - 2 lakh to 3 lakh

Available Colors of Maruti Cervo Car :-

Technical Specifications of Maruti Cervo Car :-
* Fuel Type: Petrol

* Mileage-City(kmpl):
* Mileage-Highway(kmpl):
* Transmission Type:
* Engine Description: 60-65 bhp and K6A DOHC engine with VVT
* Engine Displacement(cc): 660
* Number Of Cylinders:

* Maximum Power:
* Maximum Torque:
* Fuel Supply System:
* Fuel Tank Capacity(litres):
* Seating Capacity: 5
* Brakes:
* Gears: 4-Speed
* Number Of Doors: 4
* Top Speed:

Pictures of Maruti Cervo Car :-
There are various Exterior Pictures and Interior Pictures of Maruti Cervo :-
1. Exterior Picture of Maruti Cervo :-

Side View Picture of Maruti Cervo :-

Rear View Picture of Maruti Cervo :-
Front View Picture of Maruti Cervo :-

Cross Picture of Maruti Cervo :-

2. Interior Picture Of Maruti Cervo :-

Stearing View Picture Of Maruti Cervo :-

Side Glass View Picture Of Maruti Cervo :-

Front Seats View Picture Of Maruti Cervo :-

Dashboard View Picture Of Maruti Cervo :-

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